A Rhetorical Analysis Of Reasonable Doubt By Patty Heartz

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Reasonable Doubt To begin, the ad uses specific animation and details to make the strongest argument against the offenders. Throughout the video, many gestures were used to dramatize the wrongdoing actions made towards the woman. (Patty Heartz) The producer used actions to convince his audience that it is wrong to hold someone against their reasonable doubt. The details also provide a deeper connection to Patty being held against her will; in fact, it is supported by gestures that show violence. For example, one of the gestures is shown when the fists and the guns are being held up by the offenders. This proves that Patty had no other choice but to rob the bank, so that she wouldn’t be murdered. The producer uses this demonstration to inform the public that this can happen at any time. As a result, this might help the public be more aware of their surroundings. During this time, cameras are filming Patty’s emotional and physical ability to cope with this traumatic experience. The fact that this crime could prove the innocent woman of being guilty is shameful. By putting this all together, to capture the audience’s attention, he’s swaying their thoughts to believe she was held beyond her reasonable doubt.…show more content…
Grey and black are they only colors used, with a little touch of red. Since grey is an unemotional color, this fits perfect with the point being made. When grey turns darker, the closer it get to black. The producer illustrates the offenders as black to make them more mysterious and dramatized, in the form of a shadow. No emotion is brought out except for evil. A depressing explanation is brought out of the offenders. They make Patty hate her life, and makes her question if she deserves what had happened. As the color grey and black take all the energy out of color, the offenders take out the energy from

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