A Rhetorical Analysis Of Speeches By Rosa Blum

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Rosa Blum is a holocaust survivor and is speaking to us about her time in auschwitz at Odessa College. Rosa Blum came to Odessa College to tell us about her time at auschwitz and what happened during that time when she was only 15 years old. I expected it to be sad and not easy to say and that's exactly what i got from her speech. Mrs. Blum main points was her time as a teen in Auschwitz, she told us that she was very confused on what was happening in the beginning. I bet everyone was confused in this time, nobody knew what was happening or why it was happening, it was very reasonable why she would be scared and confused during that time there. Blum kept eye contact with the audience the whole time and spoke well. Parts of the…show more content…
Her voice and tone changed throughout the speech from confused to scared to sad and then to hopeful when she went through all of that I can tell she felt all that during that time. In the beginning she immediately caught my attention by her voice, she was explaining what happened and how her family had to take pots and pans with them and get on the train. In the end she was happy, she had a few friends and found her brother. Later on she got married and had a son currently her brother went back to auschwitz and she stayed in America. During the speech Blum used many hand gestures that was effective in the speech and wasn’t just standing there. She spoke from her memory, memory’s that affected her for the rest of her life. It would be hard to forget what happened even though she was very young at the time. I can’t get over of how much her voice was full of emotion and her eyes held on to the same emotion we heard from her mouth. Blum’s speech was emotional so yes there is going to weak parts where she couldn’t get her thoughts in order or couldn’t get the words out. Then again it was really weak, it showed that this was a hard topic to talk about even though she does it a lot. We can see that it was sad and a very emotional
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