A Rhetorical Analysis Of Summertime By Charles Simic

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Charles Simic’s ‘Summertime’ at first glance seems like a complex, difficult to comprehend article with no distinct point or outlying message. Some would most likely claim that it is too eccentric, descriptive, and wordy, which is agreeable. Although, this article also speaks of simplicity, beauty, and wonder. This article is intimidating. Large and uncommonly descriptive words, a strange and difficult thought process, and an aspect that makes one think that Simic is working hard at sewing a complex web through his phrasing, but it is also very appealing. Even if this appeal is only experienced through a handful of readers. Charles Simic is speaking in a very knowledgeable way, but is also considerably simple in his ideals. He writes with sincerity and honesty, almost in a raw and down-to-earth fashion. This is appealing because through being complex, and also simple, it appeals to a wide range of viewers. It is relatable because is creates images in the mind about comfortable places, thoughts, and emotions.
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It jumps from thought to thought without cues or intonation. This does make it more difficult to follow. The reader needs to look at the article as one train of thought linked together, rather than separate thoughts between paragraphs. It is similar to a dialogue, as if Simic is speaking to you. It helps if you visualise yourself sitting next to him as your reading, listening as he tells you about his story.
There is something noteworthy about his expressionism in writing.There is something unique in how he can create a picture in one's mind while reading. His style is very descriptive and the reader can tell that Simic has been well educated and familiarized with his vocabulary. Even though the wording and structure is complex, it has an aspect of simplicity. All in all it is impressive, thought-provoking, wonderful, and positive. A honest and beautiful
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