A Rhetorical Analysis Of Sweatshirts From Sweatshops

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Sweatshirts from Sweatshops In this essay there are many of the universal intellectual standards are violated. Initially, as an audience I assume that the speaker is talking about the poor working condition of labor workers in the factory and trying to make an impact on audience to help the situation for positive change. “The little girl working hour after hour without a break trying not to collapse from the heat and exhaustion” it is violating the fairness of the argument. The manufacturing company name “Transterra Textiles Garments” which supplies clothing to a number of American colleges” and employees overworked to make logos, sweatshirts and t-shirts products. The author is trying to manipulate the audience by appealing to their emotional side. I think this argument is not based in factual evidence, and therefore it could be rejected by the audience. This is obviously not only a story of the “little…show more content…
There are many facts are stated in the paragraph about this report. It seems that there is no way for the audience to verify these facts from other specific source such as citations, websites link or any article. So these statements cannot be perceived as facts. It could be corrected by citing the document or mentioning the instructions to access the information. The another error is in the accuracy of the statement the speaker maid in the second paragraph when he states “Who appeared to be as young as eleven” the word “appeared” does not give to factual evidence. Another violation appears in breadth in the story; I consider it should be told from worker’s point of view according to the poor working conditions. These workers may not have better work anywhere else and desperately need money. I think the violation could be resolved by interviewing workers about their working conditions on the job
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