A Rhetorical Analysis Of Swift's Political Proposal

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Of the six advantages Swift enumerates, one might consider the sixth as the most sardonic since it is absurd for a mother to breed their own child to a heavy weight for economic gain. Also, the description of the relationship between husbands and wives improving since men would no longer beat their wives because they view them as cattle raising their profit. Moreover, Swift’s ridiculous proposition that an advantage would be the competition between parents to produce the “the fattest child to the market”. Swift uses the essay to satirize both his subject and his political proposal by using irony to resolve the issue of the Irish people’s economic struggle. His immoral proposal shocks the readers and forces them to think about the issues Ireland was facing specifically the tyranny of the upper class. In the second sentence of the reading, Swift states that the lower class is poor because it is their own fault. Moreover, he employs humor…show more content…
The rhetorical strategy behind these examples is to appeal to the upper class who enjoy purchasing items at a bargain. Also, this appeal to the upper class emphasize the lower classes inability to partake in the economy since they do not have any money saved like the upper class. Moreover, Swift argues that this solution will benefit all of Ireland due to all the money that will be saved from raising children. Swift appeals to patriotism when he references the James Francis Edward and those who left “their dear native country to fight for the pretender in Spain”. Also, Swift appeals to patriotism when he states “very worthy person, a true lover of his country”. The rhetorical strategy behind each example is to emphasize the lack of equality among the social classes and the corruption within
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