A Rhetorical Analysis Of The Chrysler 200

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This commercial is about the arrival of the Chrysler 200. In the commercial, it starts off using ethos, as the narrator tone of voice is monotone, unchanging in pitch. Pathos was also shown in the commercial. The scenery shows factories and old buildings of Detroit. The sensory was gray and gloomy. He asks questions for the viewer to think about and the music is heart wrenching that brought a feeling of sadness as they show the downfalls of the city. Although the commercial starts off with sadness, the narrator voice starts to rise and sound more exciting. The music changed to a more upbeat sound. The scenery became more positive looking with its artworks and sculpture; showing the beautiful parts of Detroit. It starts showing working, everyday people. Pathos is used become it changes the mood of the viewer to a more pleasurable one. Ethos because its uses a well known celebrity, to help endorse the Chrysler 200.…show more content…
It could be even targeting the strong people of Detroit. The narrator stated in the beginning, that the city has been “through hell and back”, the city has come a long way from where it started. They have built the Chrysler stronger and better than ever. The target audience can be anyone that has a car but wants something more reliable. The commercial is trying to persuade the audience that the Chrysler 200 is made with hard steel by hard working people. On the Fox Theater, it had the saying; “Keep Detroit Beautiful”. Eminem then walks into the theater hearing beautiful voices after departing from a beautiful car. The commercial wants the audience to know that Detroit is the” Motor City”, stated
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