A Rhetorical Analysis Of The Four Basic Chords On The Ukulele

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The purpose of my speech was to inform the audience about the four basic chords on the ukulele: the C, Am, F, and the G chords. In my speech, I taught the correct finger placement as well as good tips to getting the best sound out of the instrument. Altogether, I presented the main material as the most important pieces in the speech. The introduction to my speech began with a question. With this rhetorical question, I immediately interacted with the audience. On the other hand within this question, I spoke carelessly and did not focus on pronouncing certain words correctly. For example, the word “to”, I spoke as “t-uh”. With my speech not being precise, it makes it more difficult for the audience to understand me. During my introduction, I managed to clearly describe the process of how to learn the four chords that are needed to play the songs that I listed…show more content…
In the speech, I announced the terms that previewed the actual chords and the main points. While I did this, I spoke at a quick pace, but nevertheless with clarity for the audience to catch every word that I spoke. Speaking too quickly, the fast motions, and a few careless pronunciations really made the speech less appealing. After watching the video, I noticed how much I used void fillers. I would say “alright” and “so” quite often. I believe that these two words were said very often due to my focus on not filling the gap with the word “um” or “uh”. In turn, focusing on not saying those words left me saying other filler words. Speaking slower and slowing down my hand movements would help me focus on the content of the speech and not worry about filling spaces with sound. I believe that if I worked on those setbacks, I would perform much better in front of an audience. The performance of a speech is highly important; altogether I think I performed quite well for one of the first speeches in my college career, and to say the least, there is always room for

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