A Rhetorical Analysis Of The Incredible Hulk

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Band-Aid published an ad with the biggest, the toughest, and the strongest being the earth ever saw, The Incredible Hulk. By including this miraculous man, Band-Aid is successfully promoting their new flexible fabric by placing is around a worldwide respected superhero to prove its sustainability mainly through ethos and pathos.
The first thing that people are drawn to is The Hulk’s incredibly strong and large hand considering that The Hulk is a worldwide known superhero that is recognized for his strength. The ad does a good job appealing to pathos because many people, especially kids admire The Hulk’s capabilities and therefore they think of positive things whenever they see this depiction. The Hulk appeals to children in particular who are the main audience for superhero films and also the majority of people who get cuts and scrapes. Due to constant horseplay involved in many young kids lives and their undeveloped clumsiness, it causes them to be the ones who fall and hurt themselves more often and easily. Also, it is common for children to walk around with Band-Aids on, but it become less common and less “cool” to have five Band-Aids on those itchy mosquito bites whenever one reaches adulthood.
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In the past, Band-Aids have been primarily used on and directed towards children based on their many commercials and advertisements featuring a bruised toddler or a bleeding child. With this ad depicting the manliest person on earth, The Incredible Hulk, Band-Aid is promoting that all humans can flaunt their Band-Aids, even grown men who deem themselves to be “too masculine for Band-Aids”. According to the ad the strongest of men and women can wear Band-Aids because there is no one stronger than The hulk and he is wearing one. It is throwing ego out of the way and noting that anyone can wear their flexible fabric with
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