A Rhetorical Analysis Of Tim Hortons

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Yum. Tim Hortons. Whenever I want something delicious, I go and grab an oreo cookie donut. As long as it’s morning or night it is the best time to go since, you don’t have to wait in line that long. You can get a donut and drink within a minute, but the sandwich and beagle takes about two-three minutes. Tim Hortons has given you drinks, beagles, sandwiches, donuts, and muffins since, 1964. They value audio commercials and billboards to draw people to want something sweet or filling.
One commercial/billboard, for example, show simple but effective advertising. The commercial is so simple the image is coffee, breakfast sandwich and a muffin and two words: Always fresh. The picture of the coffee is steaming hot, breakfast sandwich is made perfectly and has what you want on it and is steaming, muffin is chocolate chip and is also steaming. This is the rhetoric pathos being used to make you hungry and thirsty. When people notice the billboard or commercial their mouth will water and their stomachs will growl wanting to be fed.
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Many are scared that they are eating food that is not made then and there. Tim Hortons uses the simple statement of the rhetoric of logos to appeal you. The words “Always fresh” are telling you that the food is being made right there after you order it. The food has not been sitting there for days then given to you. It has not been situated on the shelf for more than a day, then given to you to eat. The message that Tim Hortons sends is that their food is something both trusting and tastes better than places that have food sitting out for days, then given to you is more improved than traditional “ cafe and bake
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