A Rhetorical Analysis Of Trevor Noah's

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Trevor Noah rhetorical strategy was when he question’s Lahren’s ethos and the use of her platform. Lahren has created a platform for herself that reaches millions of viewers as the new face for social media conservatives. Noah questions whether she realizes how her facts, comments and body language can provoke anger and outrage to many people. It’s okay to express your opinion but when you make statements like, "Black Lives Matter movement was the “next KKK” because of violent acts against the police were caused by a few isolated members who claim to be part of movement. He further states that, “Just because you say the thing doesn’t mean that’s what it stands for,” and followed it with a statement Lahren made on her show, “You’ve argued on your show, just because Donald Trump has KKK supporters doesn’t mean he’s in the KKK.” Noah was trying prove how these type of statements are not accurate but how continuing to spread this information to viewer is irresponsible.…show more content…
For example Tomi stated, “I don’t see color” to which Noah’s response was, “what do you do at a traffic light?” He brought some humor to a response that was rather ignorant, disrespectful, and offensive. Later in their discussion of Kapernickle, Lahren tries to defend her freedom of speech as a white women towards black issues, to which Noah responds, “not seeing color” right back at her. This changes the mood in the audience as they discuss heated issues in
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