A Rhetorical Analysis Of Wars Within By Jill Lapore

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Deep in a swarm of 500,000 women, men, and children; a small huddle of girls headed by lead singer MILCK sang their song “Quiet”, loudly, for all the world to hear during the Women’s March on Washington in 2017. Their voices carried a tune of faith, hope, and power, which Jill Lapore echoed in her work “Wars Within”. Lapore’s writing is essential to providing significant insight into the election of 2017 by connecting to past historical moments which many members of James Madison’s student body can recollect and link to the severity of the election results. Lapore uses the connections between the civil war era and present day America to tie together the presence of inequality in simple historical terms. The usage of this connection allows for readers to compare cause and solution to possibly be persuaded to enact change as Fredrick Douglass did in the past. For this reason, The Breeze should include this work in their latest issue to aid in persuading the student body to stand up for their right of equality and let their voices be the ones to instigate a true change in America.…show more content…
She argues he was once like present day American citizens who feel trapped and chained by inequality and the super powers who enforce it. To combat this cage, Douglass is presented as an ideal that American’s today should strive towards to enact change in our country. Lapore states “Fredrick Douglass…. tried to lift those burdens with the strength of his ideals”. His character and involvement in the fight for justice and equality gave people a voice and aided communities to believe in equal rights for black men and all women. Lapore uses Douglass as a motivator in her piece to influence readers to speak up and make a
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