A Roman Lady La Nano Analysis

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The painting I chose to write about is a “Portrait of a Roman Lady La Nanna” by Sir Frederic Leighon. This painting took place in a castle. In this portrait she is attractive and beautiful. She looks like she was sitting on a chair when the artist was creating this painting. She has jet black wavy long hair with thick eyebrows and flawless makeup. Around her eyes and inside her eyes are black. She is wearing a white pearl necklace around her neck. She has on a lovely red and white dress with a little black bow hanging from her dress and a creamy color robe hanging off her shoulders. She is posing like a model with her left arm across her stomach and her right arm is on her shoulders with her fingers going into her dress. In the background the …show more content…

The artist capture everything to make this picture even more beautiful. I assume that Sir Frederick Leighton was very precise about the colors that he used to create her clothing to give it texture. La Nanna looks like she was a smart, confident strong women and a role mole for young girls in her times. She also looks like she was very cocky and successful. The way her eyes look in the portrait she looks like she was evil and the way her face looks she look like she was strict and took everything seriously when it came down to work. This portrait fits under art and beauty. Art and beauty encompasses many things. Art and beauty is the human capacity for making things of beauty and things that stir us into creativity. I believe art is a way to express a feeling, or an inclination and to create an alternate perspective of the world. Beauty alone is not art, but art can be made of about, for magnificent things. This painting fits under art and beauty because I believe this portrait is very detailed it shows her beauty through art. I compare this portrait to “Mona Lisa” by Leonardo Da Vinci because, they are both portraits of women who were considered to be beautiful and role models for young girls back in their times. Mona Lisa painting have more vibrant details. The paintings both has a lot of details about their beauty, their background, and the clothing they have

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