Similarities Between Alice Walker And Virginia Woolf

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Understanding how and why authors use certain quotes is key. Taking a look at Alice Walker’s use of Virginia Woolf’s writing in her, essay one can see what Walker is trying to do. Walker is using Woolf’s book to support her idea of legacy and deliberately providing an example of legacy. While not all of Woolf’s work goes unmolested, the core meaning is still present. Walker imposes terms for the suffering of slaves into the work of an upper class white British woman. The strange juxtaposition of these two realities help readers internalize what it might of been like for slaves. Comparing Walker’s use of Woolf as opposed to all the other cited works helps explain the reasoning behind it. The works of Toomer, Okot p’Bitek and her own personal poem are all devices to convey her argument, yet they go untouched. Only commenting on the piece before or after, Walker, makes a conscious choice. She is saying something, all of her writing is very calculated. Throughout the…show more content…
Saturated with examples of practical effects and different works. Using Woolf’s A Room of One’s Own she compares the differences and similarities of disenfranchised people at two different points in time. Additionally she points out the differences and examens the legacy of slave women being passed down. The other sources she uses each respectively help Walker define her nuanced view, each of them focuses on a different aspect of the conversation. Walker choose all of her sources carefully and crafted her essay all to support the idea of legacy as something built on top of work of others. She has a good amount of respect for Woolf and her deciding to use her piece wasn’t just needing a supporting view but an actual example of legacy in action. Whether through their children or their works of art or their own gardens legacy for these repressed people are greatly important to their heritage, knowingly or
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