A Room Of One's Own By Virginia Woolf

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A Room of One’ s Own is an essay by Virginia Woolf. It is based on two lectures for women students at Newhawn and Girlton College in Britain in 1928. This book looks like an essay that its form is switched with the genre fiction, as Woolf stated that “Fiction here is likely to contain more truth than fact” (Woolf, ROO 4). As a feminist looking for women’s right, Woolf have talked about the subject “Women and Fiction” in these lectures. Woolf tried to find some facts based on women’s position and situation in the library – “If truth is not to be found on the shelves of the British Museum, where, I asked myself [...], is truth?” (Woolf, ROO 29-30) – unfortunately, she was unable to find the facts available about women in history, so Woolf stated that fiction contains more truth than fact.
Woolf’s aim was to support gender equality, consequently, a fictional style was replaced the traditional style in her work. Through this fictional style, her book covered mostly subjects related to social criticism that confused the literary experts to categorize the form of A Room of One’ s Own. In Wikipedia, for example, this book is described as Non-Fiction book, although it contains more fiction than anything else. Catherine Lavender, a professor at university of Staten Island in New York, described AROO as an extended essay. Others, as Elaine Showalter, believed that this book has totally different form from fiction, she admitted "In her fiction, but especially in
A Room of One 's Own,
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