Similarities Between A Rose For Emily And The Possibility Of Evil

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“A Rose for Emily” written by William Faulkner and “The Possibility of Evil” written by Shirley Jackson have both created characters in which they display evil. Emily Grierson and Adela Strangeworth have different wishes of outcome, when it comes to what they have done, but yet are still quite similar. Both stories take place in rather small, quiet towns, where it doesn’t seem that most others are aware of what these women do. Both Emily and Adela’s similarities and actions display their possibility of evil. Adela Strangeworth writes negative notes, accusing people of things, that she has no real evidence of. She wrote these letters on various-coloured paper, layered in pink, green, blue and yellow writing childish block print with a pencil. Her acts were cruel, uncalled for and ended in a member of her town destroying her most beloved possession, her rose bush. Adela Strangeworth received a letter back, in a familiar green envelope with the pencil printing. She then opened the envelope, pulled out the paper and began to silently cry while reading what said “Look out…show more content…
They both have a history and a past that influence some of the choices that they make but they essentially do it to protect themselves from getting hurt. Comparing them to one another allows us to see why they both have that evil trait and what causes it to come out. This provides insight as to why it is that they believe this is for the good of others or even for the good of themselves, when it’s all purely evil and malice. Emily Grierson and Adela Strangeworth are both rather complex characters who build a lot of walls and make decisions that others simply do not understand but in the end I think their hearts were in the right place, but they chose to go about it all wrong and instead they chose to embrace the
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