A Rose For Emily And Sweat Analysis

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Obstacles and problems are part of life and everyone has to face them in order to lead a normal life. "Sweat" written by 'Zora Neale Hurston' and "A Rose for Emily" by 'William Faulkner' are the short stories of two ladies from different environments facing the same problem of a rough relationship and disturbed life. Looking into the characters, tone, and plot of "Sweat" and "A Rose for Emily", it can be seen that both the ladies have different approaches to tackle with their tragedies. Emily gets rid of her lover directly and disappears from the world whereas Delia left her husband to die intentionally and gets away from suppression. Emily is kind of anti-hero in "A Rose for Emily" whereas Delia is a hero in "sweat" as she has a positive approach. Emily is a dynamic character as after her Dad's death she is kind of lost but then starts hanging out with a newcomer Hommer Barron. Then after Barron's murder, she again vanishes from the world. Delia is also a dynamic character as there is a sudden change in her at the end. In the beginning, she is…show more content…
As the narrator is a member of town so, the tone is more of a pity than emotional. One can also say the tone is that of a confession because after killing Hommer, Emily's confession gains her sympathy from the town members after all that happens to her. The title of the story is ironic because Emily has seen difficulties in her life and no happiness. In contrast, the tone of the narrator is that of anger, exasperation, and disappointment in "Sweat". Delia's struggle to run the house, doing the job of washwoman, and even then, her husband beats her and cheats on her is kind of depressing. The title does justice to the story as sweat symbolizes fear and hard work. After all this, Delia is proud of herself for running the house and she is determined to spend rest of her life in that house no matter what
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