A Rose For Emily Character Analysis Essay

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Miss Emily Have you ever felt like you can’t let go of the past? In the short story “A Rose for Emily” by William Faulkner Miss Emily struggles with letting go of the past. She cannot let go of her loved ones. Miss Emily is far from okay with losing loved ones and is in denial that they are dead. She doesn’t want to let go and move on. In the begging Miss Emily Grierson has passed away. Everyone in the town comes to her funeral. No one in the town has visited her home in the last ten years at sept her servant. As a child Emily was cut off from socializing with most of the town. Her father had kept her very sheltered. After her father dies she is left all alone. For three days she refuses to acknowledge his death, until the towns man makes …show more content…

The townspeople never say that miss Emily is crazy nor is she ever diagnosed with a mental illness, but she shows symptoms and behavior that imply that she is crazy and is mentally ill. Her father isolates her from the whole town, so her father’s actions are what drive her crazy and mentally ill. One reason why people may see Miss Emily as crazy is because she tried to hold on to her father’s body and tried to convince everyone in the town that he wasn’t dead. Faulkner says, “She did that or three days with the ministers calling on her and doctors trying to persuade her to let them dispose of the body. Just as they were about to resort to law and force she breaks down and buried her father quickly.” (Faulkner 453) Miss Emily tries to keep her father’s body so she isn’t left lonely. She tries to keep him until the townspeople basically force her to bury him. The second reason Miss Emily may be crazy and mentally ill is because she kills Homer Baron. Faulkner says, Emily buys Arsenic from the druggist and the next day Homer is seen entering her home and that was the last time anyone ever saw him or Emily for some time. No one but the negro servant left the house. (Faulkner 455) Emily kills Homer because she doesn’t want him to leave her. If he’s dead, he can’t run

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