A Rose For Emily Summary: A Mistry Of Emily's Life

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A Mistry of Emily’s Life. In the story “A Rose for Emily”, the author William Faulkner tells about a mysterious small, fat woman Emily Grierson. After her father past away and her sweetheart is gone, Emily has a mental breakdown and is entirely cut off from the outside world; people hardly see her at all. The whole town is very curious to see the inside of her house, to penetrate Emily’s world and exchange a few words with the Negro who is her cook and gardener. People tend to see what is inside of a big, squarish frame house which still decorated in a style of the seventies and it is the only house in a whole town that is alienated. The first visitors in her house describe it as “It smelled of the dust and disuse - a close, dank smell” (A Rose for Emily, page 1). The furniture was old with a cracked leather cover. The most mysterious part of this house is the smell that neighbors could do nothing about and then they decide to sprinkle a lime outside of the house and later the smell went away. But there is more behind of this situation of the smell, which happens to…show more content…
He lives in her house for a long time, he knows what is happening with Ms. Emily and inside her house and prefers to be quiet. People see him going in and out of the house with the shopping basket and they hear no words from him. When Ms. Emily died, the Negro informes the neighbors and when they come over, he immediately leaves the town. He spends the most of his life with Ms. Emily Grierson and leaves without attending her funeral and it is because his duty in this house was finally done. Ms. Emily Grierson has many hidden aspects of her life that is not known to people in the town where she lives. She does not want to have friends, go out, have visits, refuses to communicate with people, and forbids the Negro to tell anything. After she passed away, people in the town can see what the character was Ms.

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