Thinking Like A Mountain Analysis

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Thinking Like a Mountain is a phase used in he book “A Sand County Almanac” by the famous author Aldo Leopold. Aldo Leopold is considered to be a renowned ecologist and a forester who taught Wildlife Management at the University of Wisconsin. He was considered to be one of the foremost writers in America. Thinking Like a Mountain is a narration of the Leopold when he first time watched a wolf die and he wonders what the mountains might know which the other people never realized.

The author has tried to explain that how everyone craves for safety, prosperity, comfort, long life and dullness. He has used numerous examples such as deer, mountain and wolves and has tried to explained how everyone wants peace in their own time. He realized that wolves and deer have a different kind of
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He also explained that just as the deers are afraid of the wolves , so are the mountains afraid of the deer and the other species with the fear of losing its vegetation. For this he has phrased that “The wilderness we hunt is the salvation of the world” which means that that it must not be destroyed.

His main point here is that only the land can understand the true significance of an individual who is playing its role in the ecosystem. This is story that tells us the importance of very living species in nature and our eco system. If anything or any specie is absent, then there is a high probability of imbalance in eco system. Leopold suggests that there is a strong need for land ethic because he sees a lack of his beliefs among the rest of the human beings.

In the long run Leopold realized that how wolves help creating a balance in the eco system and how the deer and other species were causing a lot of damage to their natural habitat. This is a perfect example of what happens when there is excessive safety, in the long run it only causes
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