A Scarlett Letter: A Synthesis Essay

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Picture polos’ with kilts, knee-highs with Sperry’s, classrooms with only girls, and a chapel with nuns in the middle of a school. This was four years of Mary Anne’s life. Praying every morning, praying before class, praying at the end of the day, praying, praying, and more praying. Like any student, she disliked her school at times, but her love for the memories and the girls she spent it with outweighed the negatives. In religion classes they read the Bible and other religious works. In English classes they only read the classics, the most scandalous novel being “A Scarlett Letter.” While the students were not afraid to discover their own ideologies, the same conservative Catholic views ran rampant through the halls and in the classroom.…show more content…
How could she write about such a provocative topic in a mature and professional way? The liberal stories and poems were her biggest struggle in her Effective Writing course. But, as Mary Anne says, “Mama didn’t raise no quitter.” She embraced the new ideas and information she learned at college and sought to incorporate it all in her writing. Mary Anne loved being about to write more creatively instead of sticking to textbook five-paragraph essay format. She felt less anxious and crammed while writing papers. Spending less time dreading the essay and more time constructing it left even more time to edit her grammar mistakes. With every essay turned in and every positive grade returned, she felt more confident in herself and her writing. Mary Anne believes that her 11a.m. English 110 class truly helped her grow as writer. She took the structure and conformity she learned from her high school and applied it to a creative and freethinking side she learned from college to formulate her own personal writing style. Her attention to detail has improved causing her grammar and word choice to be even clearer. Most importantly, her enthusiasm for writing has drastically developed. Mary Anne knows the next three and a half years of paper writing will be a breeze because of the proper English introduction to a great liberal arts
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