A Search For Freedom In A Doll's House

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Freedom is something that many people have sought and continue to look for on a daily basis, and the characters in Henrik Ibsen’s play, A Doll’s House, demonstrate a search for freedom from various aspects of life. Some characters want to be free from the social roles that have been established by the time period, others look to be liberated from monetary obligations they have, and some want to be rid of the reputations that are surrounding them. The characters throughout the play express the desire to be free from whatever his hindering them. When people are in difficult situations, they usually look to freedom as the end goal. It is sometimes seen as the reward for hard work and determination. The characters in A Doll’s House seek freedom in different ways, including liberation from social roles, monetary obligations, and reputations. Social roles…show more content…
One of the main conflicts in the play is the money that Nora must pay back to Krogstad. When Krogstad reveals that he will tell her husband that the money she obtained for the trip to Italy was not from her father, she realizes that she needs to pay off the money as quickly as she can before that information is reveled to her husband. This monetary obligation becomes an even greater burden throughout the play. She tries to find a solution to hide to details about the money or to quickly pay off the debt. At the beginning of the play when her husband asks her what she wants for Christmas, and Nora responds, “You might give me money, Torvald” (829). Even though the debt is not mentioned until later in the play, the reader notices Nora’s need for money. She wants to be free from the debt she owes, so her husband never finds out about the situation, and she will not have to be indebted to Krogstad anymore. Nora’s debt is the main monetary obligation that is present in the play, and her desire to be free from it is apparent throughout the
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