A Secret Sorrow Summary

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Formula fiction is literature in which the storylines and plots have been used over and over again to an extent whereby the narratives are predictable. Genre fiction identifies a number of specific setting that are being used over and over again which is similar to Formula fiction. The story “A secret sorrow” didn’t relate to formula fiction at the beginning but progressively, I could not predict why she didn’t want to get married nor why she didn’t tell kai she was seeing a doctor and even had another referral. When Faye finally revealed that she was unable to have any kids and that’s her reason for not wanting to get married to him, it made it easier for me to predict what was coming next. I figured she would later have kids and put a family together even if they were not hers.…show more content…
Literary Fiction is fixated more on themes than on plot. The story “A sorrowful Woman”, relates to literary fiction by concentrating on the individual and discovers some parts of human state. In this instance, they concentrated on the wife that has some sort of ailment and is unable to stand, look at or intermingle with her child. This means that it is now the responsibility of the husband to take both roles as a parent until his wife gets better before she can begin to parent again. At the end, she gained her strength back and began to do her wifely and motherly
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