A Secret Sorrowful Woman Analysis

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A Secret Sorrow by Karen van der Zee and “A Sorrowful Woman” by Gail Godwin provide a variance on typical romance stories. A typical romance story consists of a damsel in distress and a happy ending, much like a fairy tale. Neither of the two stories are quite like this generic scenario. I like “A Sorrowful Woman” better because it strays more from a stereotypical romance story than A Secret Sorrow. Between theme, conflict, and gender stereotypes, A Secret Sorrow and “A Sorrowful Woman” have much to compare. For example, the theme of the two stories is sorrow. Not only is it stated in the title of both stories, but it is implied throughout the text. The sorrow lies in the feelings of Faye from A Secret Sorrow and the woman in “The Sorrowful Woman”. However, Faye feels she is a woman who cannot do enough, whereas the woman feels she does too much. With a more realistic approach, “The Sorrowful Woman” chooses to not have a “fairy tale” ending. However, A Secret Sorrow chose a heart-warming conclusion. Though the definition of sorrow is similar in both, the outcome reveals which story conveys a truly “sorrowful” theme.…show more content…
The largest complication in A Secret Sorrow is Faye’s inability to have children. As stated, “Faye backed away from him, feeling like a terrified animal.” (32). Evidently, she is afraid and unable to handle the situation. On the other hand, the woman in “A Sorrowful Woman” faces personal conflict and overwhelming responsibilities. Like Faye, the woman also has difficulty coping with her situation. The woman wishes, “If only there were instant sleep” (39). In conclusion, both of the women have different conflicts and choose to shut themselves away as a
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