A Self-Reflection: An Extraordinary Journey

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A Self-reflection
An Extraordinary Journey
The following is a flow of findings on how I have approached the project and what I have learnt from doing it. The final project of a Master Degree course it is in its nature a very demanding process, therefore, a consolidate and organised style seems to be the only way that can help you to reach the final goal. In the last few months of the course I have learned more about myself than in the last few years. The several stages of this project gave me a greater understanding and different insights of what analytical thinking and critical approach are. Genuinely speaking I did not have much familiarity with the academic theories chosen but their application in the practical environment of
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I actually understood that giving a logical structure to the paper would have help me to approach and follow the underling idea without any confusion and with clear sequence. I also want to make the paper to appear eloquent, giving an easy flow to the sentences. I came to this conclusion during the reading process of different research papers. The more I was reading the more I was getting confident in the approach described. I also understood that an important aspect to consider when developing a research paper is also the time management and planning parts. Thus, after I have logically organised the project it was important to divide the several steps of the project in different tasks and assess those tasks in precise time frame. If you can collocate those time frame in a more defined plan, perhaps a scheme or graph, it will help the overall process to be finished smoothly. An important aspect of a paper is the capacity to appear clear and as less complex as possible. In fact during the reading of different academic works I was able to highlight the creativeness and well-conceived papers that make me come to the assumption of being persuasive is also being direct and clear. Another strength that a research paper should demonstrate is the ability to analyse technical issues more deeply with clear statements. Perhaps, using examples allow the reader to have a direct comparison with real factors. In order to develop…show more content…
In chapter one, I initially redefined the research objectives and research questions which has been previously established in my research proposal. The most challenging part of the research was choosing the methodology. Which I later did with my knowledge of reading books such as “Research Methods for Business Students” and others on the methods. After gaining sufficient understanding of every aspects of methodology such as approaches, strategy, philosophy and data collection, I was able to move to the next challenge, how to analyse the data which I have collected. I drew from lessons learnt from other academic research. I came across the macro and micro analysis strategies as well as other qualitative methods. Collection of Data was another area of challenge to the completion of my research because of the time involved and the constraints in reaching the main sources within the environment. However, I first set out to interview who I have known for some years. However, it was not an easy process. In some cases I was gladly welcomed by the interviewees to whom I had been introduced and in some instances, it was a repeated case of trying to hunt down the interviewee’s. My experience was much more than theoretical but also practical. It was this experience and knowledge that helped me to

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