A Senseless Rivalry Analysis

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“Brother, brother, brother, there’s far too many of you dying,” said Marvin Gaye. There are many cases where there has been black on black crimes over something so little. Too many people have been killed over a small altercations. One out of a million people had been killed or injured from an argument. There 's been situations where teenagers argued over video games, over basketball games or in a situation in which someone is forcing you to go to school rather than just dropping out just to rap. Altercations only leaves negative impact on people 's lives such as emotional scaring, injured physically and even demise. Everyone who is human undergo emotional scaring even if it 's just from fear. The death of people caused emotional scaring to almost everyone in the world but more importantly to family members. In the story by Brent Staples he wrote “A senseless rivalry - beginning, I think, with an argument over a girlfriend - escalated from posturing, to threats, to violence, to murder,”his brother was murder and he felt a part of him leave. I can relate to the feeling of this because of the story of my uncle. My uncle was shot to the point he was laying on the ground holding his stomach,…show more content…
The world I live in revolves around negative impacts such as crimes, emotional scaring and injuries that comes from altercations. It 's not worth it, you don 't accomplish anything but a life time sentence and pain to people 's family. I was once told that if there 's a problem there 's always better solutions to fix it and the solution isn 't to hurt someone. In the article he talked about everything his brother was around that affected his life negative. The world we live in effect ours to if one little altercation can lead to hurting someone. It will, have people wondering why this happened. So stop the unnecessary altercations that can lead to more devastating outcomes because the most painful goodbyes are the ones never said and
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