A Separate Peace: A Short Story

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“Tap, tap, tap.” Peter heard the rain over his head. It made him quite angry that he had to work out on the fields on such a rainy day. The lord of this manor, Grunk, was a ruthless lord, and had no sympathy for the poor peasants. All the peasants hated him, but they were all too afraid to speak up, for they feared they would be thrown in jail or worse, executed if they opposed their lord. “ Tis a rainy day sire. Do the poor peasants have to work in this miserable weather?” , said Peter. “Of course!” said Lord Grunk, “How will my family and my knights be fed?! If you do not work, you cannot feed the noble families of the manor!” Peter then left and worked on the rainy day in the muddy grass fields with Peter having extra work. This is an example of how Grunk served his peasants.…show more content…
This time on a hot muddy day. Peter yet again had extra work to do with little food and energy. Peter was tired of working for Grunk most of his life. He remembered when his mother and father left him and had been killed weeks after his birth because of the wars. Grunk took care of Peter and wasn’t happy about it. That is why Grunk is so grumpy to Peter. After a few years of taking care of Peter, he was tired, so he decided to kick him out of the castle, and made him work in the fields. From that day on, Grunk was really rude to his peasants and of course,
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