A Separate Peace And Dead Poets Society Essay

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Fear, The Destruction of People’s lives

Fear: an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat. Fear, everyone has it, some people have it more than others. If one cannot control themselves they will find out that they are excluding/isolating themselves from the rest of society In these two pieces of literature, A Separate Peace and Dead Poet’s Society , the central theme is fear and how one is isolated because of it.
Todd Anderson from Dead Poet’s Society and Leper Lepellier from A Separate Peace were always fearful and shy. In Dead Poet’s Society, Todd isolates himself in his room because he is afraid of getting in trouble by joining the Dead Poet’s Society. Todd Anderson is also
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They both think that they won’t succeed unless they get 100%’s in almost every class. Gene says this in Dead Poet’s Society “ ‘ I’ll have to pass [Trigonometry] to a graduate, for one thing’.” (Gene) “ ‘ Don’t give me that line. Nobody at Devon has ever been surer of graduating than you are. You aren’t working for that. You want to be head of the class, valedictorian, so you can make a speech on Graduation day-in Latin or something boring like that probably-and be the boy wonder of the school. I know you’” (Finny). In this quote, Finny, Gene’s best friend is responding to Gene’s fearful saying that he will not pass Trigonometry and will not graduate when Gene obviously will and is just very anxious about doing bad on one of the several tests. In Dead Poet’s Society , Steven Meeks, a perfectionist similar to Gene is saying “ ‘Go Away. I have to study’ “. Afraid, Steven is being very fearful of his future if he doesn’t get perfect grades, so he isolates himself in his dormitory and rarely spends time out of it studying, because he is letting fear control him.In addition, adults may fear several things
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