A Separate Peace Book Report Essay

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Sean Duhey Mrs. Peeler 2 5/15/17 A Separate Peace A Separate Peace takes place Devon school in New Hampshire during the summer session in 1942. World War 2 plays a huge role with the students daily live and routines at school. The setting is key in the novel because Gene goes to different spots of the school where he had memories of Finny. Gene Forrester is the protagonist because he is the narrator of the the story he appears to be a middle aged man visiting his old school, he is very thoughtful and intelligent. The antagonist is also Gene Forrester because his fear and resentment and jealousy get the best of him time and time again. My favorite character is Finny because inny is a very active athletic guy who is very outgoing and reminds…show more content…
Gene still comes off to Finny like they are still friends but that soon comes to a change when Gene kicks Finny of of a tree branch and he shatters his leg which ends his athletic career. Towards the end of the book gene seems to think that he will now be the sports star since Finny is injured, Gene soon goes to the infirmary where Finny is and tells him that it was Gene’s fault for Finny falling off the tree and Gene apologizes, later the doctor is operating on Finny’s leg where some bone marrow gets in his blood system and he dies. The climax of A Separate Peace is when Gene feels that Finny is a morally superior person. Finny then suggest for them to all climb a tree together. They climb the tree and that is where Finny shatters his leg. I believe that the theme of A Separate Peace is that it is a friendship between two 16-year old boys. A friendship is exactly what they had which is respect and jealousy. They just didn't know how to deal with it. Yes, i enjoyed this book very much it really had me endcapped into the book at all times because there are so much happening and so much hatred towards 1 person. I would recommend it to others because it is a very good book and a easy
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