A Separate Peace Chapter 1-5 Summary

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Chapter Five
From what Jayden could observe upon landing on this planet, was that there was no law. No order. Like Molly earlier said, Gavin is the so called “self-proclaimed king.” If there was any form of actual government, it would be a very primordial one, at best. Most likely, that would mean that the leader would be the biggest and strongest. However, Jayden noticed that the combat on the planet was not very advanced due to the sloppily done killing of the street urchin. So, if Owen was one of the biggest and strongest, Jayden thought he could easily take him and even beat Gavin, whoever he is. Jayden believed this due to the fact that he was actually very good at combat. A prodigy, almost. He learned from a man named Liam, a man like Jayden’s father after Jayden’s real father had been murdered.
It happened almost a decade ago from now. Jayden was only 6 and a ½ years old. His parents
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Upon arriving, they were greeted by the face of a frightened boy, Jayden.
Johnny, as soon as he heard this, told the firing captain to dispose of the young child. The captain took pity on the boy, however, and instead smuggled him out of the planet on a slave ship headed for Sector 8 on Venus.
His first cellmates were a group of older men ages 12-18, and their names were Liam, Trey, and Josh. Liam was kind, yet sometimes naive, and he could keep a sense of humor through any situation. Peter Trey was always straight down to business and had an extremely sharp wit, while Josh was very strong, yet a little lazy.
Jayden got along with them nicely. Liam acted as a father figure to Jayden, teaching him how to work in the mines, stay out of trouble, and always gave him a little bit of his ration, back when Sector 8 gave rations. Josh taught Jayden a few forms of combat, while Peter Trey taught the young boy how to think on his
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