A Separate Peace Chapter 7-14 Summary

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chapters 7-9 Happiness is finally a tone in this book rather than the recurring somber moments throughout chapters 1-6. Chapters 7-9 are different than basically different than all of the past chapters. This is because they have a more fun filled feeling to them. That is until the end of the three chapters. Throughout these chapters they discuss things like joining clubs, starting up carnivals, and Gene trains for the 1944 olympics. Chapters 7-9 show symbolism, character growth and literary devices. Chapters 7-9 take on a more lighthearted approach rather than the somber approach of last three chapters. That is until, the last few sentences of chapter 9 when Gene receives a letter from Leper Lepellier during the winter carnival. In the letter Leper says “I have escaped and need help. I am at Christmas location. You understand. No need to risk address here. My safety depends on you coming at once” (Knowles _). With the Winter Carnival ending with the dismal telegram from Leper, Gene is ripped from his world of fun and fantasy, and is shoved back into his wartime life. Just like every chapter, there 's a symbol for growing up and maturing. And the fun filled winter carnival being ended by the telegram bearing news of Leper escaping the military is definitely a symbol of entering the real world.…show more content…
While there are many different interpretations of what the golden fleece in greek mythology means, one of the meanings that fit this matter is authority and leadership. In chapter 9 when Brinker leaves the “Golden Fleece debate club”, everything gets chaotic on the campus. Brinker was the leader of the club. Essentially he was the golden fleece of the club. Without someone to lead them, the boys drifted into chaos. At the winter carnival they became drunk off of hard cider. Everyone was completely void of any control. Gene even says, “The hard cider began to take charge of
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