A Separate Peace: Chapter Analysis

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Point: Leper is like a blender because he is all mixed up. Evidence: After Gene’s trip to see Leper he is fully convinced he has become crazy after the frequent crying and the absurd talk between the two characters. Sadly Gene finally admits it and confirms when Brinker says “I’ll bet he cracked up, didn’t he? That’s what happened.” referring to Leper. Chapter 11 Explanation: After Leaving Devon, Leper enlisted to go to war. However, before seeing any battle he was section nine discharged, the worst possible acquirable discharge. To him this meant his entire life ruined because of the background of the discharge being that he was considered mentally unstable by the military. Preventing him from acquiring a job or any life all because of…show more content…
In the beginning of A Separate Peace, Gene attempts to be equal to Finny in sports. Then when he realizes that's unattainable he switches to competing for being the valedictorian with himself edging out the competition just barely. Next with the return of Finny, he is convinced by the now crippled former all star athlete of the school to begin training for the upcoming olympics. Lastly Gene turns fully to academics when Finny finally realizes the war is real and there won't be a 1944 olympics. This ties into the main story because of how as his focus changes so does his mood towards himself and others, mostly Finny. By the end of the story, unlike the other characters, Gene was unpredictable and unsure of where he was headed next after Phineas’ funeral and the ending of the…show more content…
For example “ and then my knees bent and I jounced the limb.” Gene narrates this before as he cause Finny to fall and break his Leg. Explanation: Before Breaking Finny’s leg, Gene got into a huge argument with himself concerning what to do about his relation with Finny. He thought Finny was attempting to sabotage his grades and saw this as a way of ending all his stress involving his relation to Finny and studying. This was when he snapped from all the stress he has cause himself by thinking that he was in constant competition with Phineas. Point: Finny is like a star because he is constant. Example. Before Phineas broke his leg he ran like a machine always hoping from one socail project to the next. However he took a break when he broke his leg and hopped right back to it with Gene noticing and saying “This is the first time Finny's gotten going on anything since he got back.”
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