A Separate Peace Critical Analysis Essay

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A Separate Peace Text Dependent Analysis Essay Countless examples of symbolism, and foreshadowing occur throughout A Separate Peace’s plot. Leper, once an introvert makes the conclusion to enlist in the army and states, “Everything has to evolve or else it perishes” (Knowles 125). Leper’s words signify that everyone has to change in order to survive. Finny failed to adjust to his environment, opposed to Gene who did change and persevered. Leper’s quote about evolution connects with Gene’s ability to adapt, and Phineas’ stubbornness and negligence which leads to his untimely death. As the World War becomes more prominent in the student's life, some evolve, while others perish. In the beginning of the novel, Gene comes off as a bore, with weak physical abilities as the author…show more content…
When speaking about the war Finny makes a remark, “The people behind the war are fat old men” (Knowles 71), referring to his idea of a conspiracy behind the war. Finny is the only one to deny that the war is actually happening it. Whilst every other student accepts the conflict, and matures. After Phineas reveals to Gene that he has been trying to enlist multiple times, Gene replies with, “Phineas, you wouldn't be any good in the war, even if nothing had happened to your leg” (Knowles 190). Gene is simply referring to Finny’s character, Finny is too tenuous like the time he broke the school swimming record and refused to make it public. He is not stern enough with everything going on, and needs to change in order to survive. Foreshadowing is placed strategically throughout the novel but is most eminent through Leper’s expression. Leper Lepellier represents the truth, and his words are forever important throughout the novel. The person who failed to survive and perish was Finny, and Gene thrived because he adapted. Leper´s words foresee the death of Finny the one didn't change for the best, and emphasize why Gene
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