A Separate Peace Finny Quotes

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Finny is a person who you can get along with easily, so if he ever joined the war, he would interact with the opposing team, which he would cause confusion, and eventually become the enemy. Finny doesn’t have natural boundaries and how he seems to be neutral when comes to taking sides. “If he ever attacked at all: if he was indeed the enemy” (Knowles 204).

Gene is suggesting that wars start in individuals and then gradually build to larger wars, where innocent people are killed.

Mr. Hadley says that the war will leave a person with memories and he wants the boys to make a choice based on memories. After the enlistments into the war and after you serve, you would be reminded throughout your daily life of your experiences that occurred throughout your
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Hadley seems to be supportive of his decision, and wants him to make the role that he is part taken in the war is the right choice, because the war memories will be reminded throughout your daily life. “You have to do what you think is the right thing, but just make sure it’s the right thing in the long run, and not just for the moment” (Knowles 199).While he is supportive, he wants his son to be a part of the military that sees shooting and action.

The ironic observation that Gene makes while watching the troops and war machinery assemble on Devon campus is about Leper and if he was enlisted into the Army Air Force. Since Leper has been mentally challenged since the war, Gene thought that if he joined the Army Air Force that maybe he wouldn’t be as affected, but whatever role he was assigned in the army, he would be mentally ready. “If only Leper had enlisted in the Army Air Force and been assigned to Parachute Riggers’ school... I don 't think it would have made any difference” (Knowles 196).

The war literally has moved onto the Devon campus because of the defensive programs, and soldiers who are preparing for the war and the programs set up for the students who shall later be enlisted into the
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