A Separate Peace Friendship Quotes

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A true friendship must include trust between two people who really care about

each other. The novel, “A Separate Peace,” by John Knowles demonstrates the bond

between two friends, and how that bond is kept together by trust. This quality can

destroy or build a friendship.

This story presents the trust and loyalty in a friendship. Knowles displays honest

emotion following the scene when the doctor breaks the news that sports are

finished for Finny. “Phineas would say nothing behind my back, he would only

accuse me, face to face.” (p. 64) This quote confesses the confidence between two

people. Their communication contributed to their trustworthiness. Expressing

themselves, they are able to create a better solution that
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Gene is too focused on himself and what he is feeling. He needs to

trust Finny and himself. Not trusting a person can lead to a downfall in a friendship.

Knowing a person very well contributes to how much trust you have in them.

Finny and Gene are both roommates and best friends. They are constantly always

around one another and enjoy each others company. Since they have been friends

for such a ling time, they have a lot of trust with one another. Through time, their

trust builds even more. The time the two friends climbed the tree together

demonstrated the most trust in the story because they both assumed that the

both of them would never hurt one another intentionally. The more you get to

know the person, the more trust you build with them.

Overall, Knowles final message about friendship is to have trust in a relationship.

If a friendship does not include this feature, it will no be a long lasting relationship.

Also, jealousy was proven to weaken a friendship because it causes an internal

conflict. In conclusion, trust is the characteristic that brings two people closer

together for the
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