A Separate Peace Gene Character Analysis

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When a sinister person means to be your enemy, they always start by trying to become your friend. In the novel A Separate Peace there is a question that the reader thinks about, is Gene evil. In the book, Gene has this friend named Finny. Finny doesn't realize that Gene is jealous of how good he is at sports. One day they were both on a tree and Gene shakes the branch and Finny falls and breaks his leg. After his leg heals he then breaks his leg again falling down some stairs. Soon after Finny dies. In the novel Gene shows three characteristics of evil, jealousy, no remorse, and deceitfulness. Gene’s first characteristic of evil is jealousy. Throughout the book Gene is showing jealousy towards Finny. He is jealous of Finny because of how good he is at sports. Gene is always trying to be like Finny and tries to find ways that he his better than Finny. Gene even put on Finny’s clothes …show more content…

After Finny’s leg is broken and he is in the hospital Gene comes over and they are talking about how Finny could have fallen. Finny considered that it could have been Gene’s fault but thinks he is crazy for thinking that. The people at school don't suspect a thing and think that Gene was just a bystander. Gene and Finny’s relationship isn't real but Finny thinks it is and doesn't think that Gene is bad at all or that he is jealous of him. In the novel A Separate Peace Gene shows he is evil by his jealousy, no remorse for anything, and that he is able to hide the evil from everyone else in the book?t.. The Bible talks about how jealousy causes disorder and anger within a person. Throughout the book Gene is miserable because he is so caught up in trying to be like Finny. He loses sight of what is good and turns into a manipulative person and tries so hard to fight with Finny and doesn't just be his own person. It is always better to be yourself then trying to be like someone else. There is only one you, so be

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