A Separate Peace Literary Analysis

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Literary Analysis A Separate Peace Friendship is something that everyone will experience in their life. It could be either good or bad. John knowles shows both in the novel A Separate Peace. This story happened during the World War II and that brought the boys to be closer made them to stay and depend on each other. In A Separate Peace the two best friends, Gene and Phineas, shows how friendship is important. Knowles didn't only write about friendship, he also wrote about jealousy, dreams, and other serious themes, however all those themes are under friendship. Furthermore, he also expressed that friendship can not be justified by one word or a sentence because friendship is the type of relationship that no one can predict. Knowles is also telling about why…show more content…
Gene and Finny have completely different personalities and strength. Gene does not like to do physical activities and he is very good at studying, where Finny hates sitting still and learning but enjoy to do exercises. Although, they have different features and common interests where Gene likes to study and Finny likes physical activities, they understands each other more than anyone. For example, Gene does not like the idea of the ‘Super Suicide Community’, where they jump off of the tree, however he follows Finny and he jumps off of the tree. While Gene was on top of the tree, he thought, “ What was I doing up here anyway? Why did I let Finny talk me into stupid things like this?”. Gene has complains towards Finny’s choices for making Gene involved in situations he didn’t wanted to be in. However, he jumped off of from the tree because Gene is friends with Finny and he knew that if he do not jump off, then Finny might not treat him the same as he usually would. Furthermore, what Gene was thinking on top of the tree and how he felt about Finny was an allusion of their
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