A Separate Peace: Movie Analysis

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The novel A Separate Peace written by John Knowles exhibits a unique friendship between two teenagers, Phineas and Gene Forrester which takes a turn for the worst to turn into a silent one sided war of jealousy that ends in regret. The film created by Peter Yates is a good attempt at exhibiting the same storyline as the novel, but falls short of the clarity displaying major differences which makes the understanding of the storyline difficult and less enjoyable. Two major points affecting the storyline by setting and plot event include the chapter in which Phineas passes away, along with the part where he is taken to the infirmary which results in major differences in the film.
The film and novel both display the same content, but they also share some differences in the setting which make the feelings of one hard to analyze. One of those differences occurs in the novel where Gene Forrester’s best friend Phineas passes away. To begin with, the novel rationalizes Gene’s reaction when he is meeting with Dr. Stanpole, after Phineas’ surgery. Dr. Stanpole very quickly delivers the news to Gene that his best friend has left them all and passed away. The death of Phineas brings his family and friends together for the funeral at his family’s burial ground in Boston. Gene is also there to pay respect to his friend, holding in all his emotions as he watches the
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Change in the plot events and setting such as the death of Phineas, along with Gene’s emotional appeal are totally ruled out of the film, making it difficult for the viewer to enjoy. Peter Yates has captured many key points from the original novel of John Knowles A Separate Peace, but has left out some vital fragments of the narrative. Therefore, the film should have fewer moderations, keeping the viewers pleased plus having the original storyline still
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