A Brief Summary Of John Knowles A Separate Peace

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The book A Separate Peace is written by John Knowles, he published this book in 1959. John Knowles is a graduate of Phillips Exeter and Yale, he wrote seven novels, a book on travel, and a collection of short stories. He was a recipient of the William Institute Award of Arts and Letters. The story is about a boy named Gene Forrester going back to his old high school 15 years later and having flashbacks on some of his high school memories during World War 11. He tells some of the good and the bad times he had during that time in his life. To begin, Gene goes back to his old school to Devon High 15 years later. It was a depressing time due to the fact, World War 11 was going on. He talks about how Phineas, Genes Best friend, would jump out of a tree into the water because all the seniors would do it. Finny, which is Phineas is a thrill seeker and he is very athletic. On the other hand, Gene is the opposite he is quite and a stay to himself kind of person. Phineas and Gene decided to make a Suicide Society of the Summer Session and to be in the group you had to jump off the tree limb. The word got around and people started to join. Sometimes the boys would skip class or go to the beach illegally or they would even use their fake IDs to buy beer. On day Finny told Gene they were going to be doing a double jump and just like always Finny and Gene would start the jump first, but that day Finny fell off the tree and broke his leg. Finny had to go back home but Gene had to go to school. Leper had moved away, and Brinker was in a room across from Gene. Brinker said it was Gene plan all along to get Finny out of his room. Gene seen Leper while they were shoveling snow because winter had approached. Leper had…show more content…
They ended up losing his best friend, he was really confused like it was his own death. The character type was dynamic because we get all his feelings toward
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