A Separate Peace Title Essay

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In the book a Separate Peace, I think that the title stands for freedom or an outcast cause of the way that the war does not seem to affect Devon like it affects other places in America. The war does not seem to touch Devon or the kids until Leper goes crazy after enlisting, and Finny dies. But before that Gene and Finny don't believe that the war is real they think that it is fake and just a way to get money. So A Separate Peace is meant to mean that Devon is like in the shadows of the war, so while the kids are in Devon they don't feel any sense of the war. It also makes the war seem so easy, but as we find out after Leper goes AWALL Gene and Finny actually finds out that the war is real. A Separate Peace could also mean the way on how Gene finds peace. I thought think he finds peace when Finny dies so he can stop having that guilt that it was his fault he fell out of the tree. Then Gene finds out that the war has moved…show more content…
We find out that his sudden impulses are what causes Gene to shake the branch causing Finny to fall out of the tree and break his leg. In Gene and Finny's last encounter when Gene brings Finny his suit case Gene finds out that Finny believes him, but all that matters is that they are still friends. So Gene finally comes to where he has peace of mind and body after Finny tells him that he believes him. A Separate Peace is a reference to war and how the school and the kids of Devon have never really experienced war first hand. So the school is a separate peace from war because the war has not made its way to Devon yet, and the kids at Devon are also a separate peace because of the way they have no effect on the war and the war has no effect on them and the way they live there life. Finny and Gene make it seem to be more separate because of the way that Finny talks about the war being
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