A Shadow Of Doubt Analysis

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The relationship between madness and truth is a topic greatly misinterpreted. The connection between the various states of the mind, and imagination reveals how the mind functions. True in madness is how someone’s thoughts is indifferent to what is actually happening in reality. Many people throughout time have been studied by their struggles of what is considered mad by psychotherapists. Through Sigmund Freud and Josef Breuer’s case study of Anna O and Hitchcock’s A Shadow of Doubt, the human mind is explored through the truth behind the madness of what others have not seen and experienced, by opening paths to adventure into the unconscious.
Alfred Hitchcock 's Shadow of doubt reflects melodrama due to that the topic itself shows there is a
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Many theories in Alfred Hitchcock’s movies stem from theories on human behaviors from Freud’s psychoanalytic theories. Psychoanalytical idea are extremely apparent in the film Shadow of a Doubt due to that psychoanalysis is therapeutic, and the way the mind acts by how behavior is affected. Such as comparing the Electra complex, which is similar to the Oedipus complex but relating to females in a familial situation due to the relationship between Charlie and Charles that would show their strange and unethical admiration to be accurate which is very opposed in socially and ethically in society. Such as their relationships is considered to be inappropriate during the film due to their physical contact with each other, which was extremely uncomfortable to watch between an uncle and niece. Another aspect is in James McLaughlin’s essay in A Hitchcock Reader where is compares their similarities “[Charlie’s] uncle ‘heard’ her, that there is a kind of telepathy between them. She wanted him to come and, miraculously, he came” (147) The telepathic connection between the two characters is very unusual, such as how the film starts off with them both laying in bed, unaware of what is going on around them. (Hitchcock) Another example is that people think about the ring he gave her as an engagement ring, When Charlie receives this as a gift she will not look at it because she believes that anything from her uncle is perfect. She even enjoyed the attention brought to her by her
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