A Shocking Accident Short Story

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Point of view is very important when you write a story; it can change how the reader looks upon it. If you write a story about a girl with mental issues and you have her point of view, you will get to know her really good and know all of her feelings, but if you have a third person point of view, maybe you will know how other people look at her, how all the others in the story feel. In the story “A Shocking Accident” by Graham Greene we get to know the boy Jerome. Throughout the story we follow him in a third person limited point of view. This means that even though it is third-person, and not first-person point of view, we follow Jerome’s consciousness and see things as he sees it maybe even have a little access to his thoughts, but we can also pick up small hints and might find out that Jerome’s understanding of things might be mistaken. Imagine if the story was in a third-person omniscient point of view.…show more content…
This means that we are the protagonist. We know his thoughts, his feelings, how he sees the world, everything. But we do not know how any other person in the story feels without them telling us. The young boy is visiting his grand-parents when his grand-father tells him a story from World War II. The most exciting thing in this story is that the grand-father is telling a story in his point of view, so in a way, you have two first-person point of view stories. In the grand-fathers story we know his feelings, we know what he thought at the time, we understand why he did some things, but in the young boy’s story, we do not. We cannot read the grand-father’s thoughts; we cannot know why he thinks he did it, and we do not know exactly why he tells the young boy this story multiple times. If this story was in the same point of view as “A Shocking Accident” and “Robert and the Dog”, maybe we would have understood, maybe we would have picked up some hints from the

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