Adolf Hitler The Dictator Essay

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Hitler The Dictator Introduction When the words “Adolf Hitler” are said today, this name is associated with evil and the worst of society but who is this man. Was he a genius as believed by neo-Nazis or was he the devil as believed by the allied forces? He killed millions of people, but he was also a good artist and his scientists discovered many facts that are beneficial for life, such as discovering that smoking leads to cancer before it was a worldwide fact. There is no doubt that he has influenced the world in many ways, such as the decrease of dictators. He is also present in many forms of pop culture, such as a store in India called Hitler and people that correct grammar annoyingly are called grammar Nazis. Let us explore this man called…show more content…
Hitler himself was known to his party as the Führer (English: Leader). He was arrested for four weeks because of the SA disrupting a rival party’s meeting. He gave hate speeches in beer halls in 1923, which led to another year of arrest. This time he wrote his autobiography, Mein Kampf (English: My Struggle) and his manifesto, in jail. He didn’t personally write them, but dictated them to his deputy, Rudolph Hess. When Hitler came out of jail, he decided that he needed to change his party to win the elections so he made it a democratic instead socialist party. He also created the Schutz Staffeln (SS) (English: Protection Squads) to be his bodyguards. He appointed Heinrich Himmler as the head of the SS. In 1928, the NSDAP or the Nazi Party got 2.6% vote share and for the first time, members of their party joined the Reichstag, the German parliament. In 1930, due to the Great Depression, Germany appointed a President to rule with the chancellor. The President was Field Marshall von Hindenburg, a war hero. In 1932, the Nazi Party fell just short of a majority in Presidential Elections. Hitler refused any alliances with another party to form the
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