A Short Biography: Fidel Castro's Life

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Fidel Castro Fidel Castro is a name that everyone has heard at least once in their lives, whether its in a negative or positive context is dependent on the person. Castro has done beneficial things for Cuba; however he has left a sour taste in many Cuban residents’ mouth, because of select issues in the past. Which is why its not too hard to tell why Castro was viewed more infamous then famous. Castro’s own personal ideology that held his countries political advances. On the day of August 13, 1926, near Cuba’s eastern Oriente Province, Fidel Castro was born. He had 5 other siblings. Three sisters, Agustina, Angela, and Emma; and two brothers, Raúl and Ramón. Ángel, his father was a wealthy plantation (sugarcane) farmer. His mother, Lina…show more content…
He has been credited for three main things. One of the major deeds he’s accredited for is the opening of 10,000 schools. The second being the increased literacy in Cuba by an astounding 98 percent. The third and final matter is that Cubans have a universal health care system, which has also lowered the infant mortality rate to 1.1 percent. But I am not saying that these things alone make Castro a good person. But he should at least be credited for it. But all of these accomplishments did not come without a price. People opposing Castro and what he stood for, were either shot or imprisoned. “ Though there are no exact numbers, the . . . estimates that tens of thousands were murdered, with a documented 5,600 killed by firing squads alone. Even more Cubans were killed by state forces when they tried to flee the country, which occurred during the 1980 Canimar River Massacre and the Tugboat Massacre of 1994.” Any person who kills others for his/her benefit is not a good person. “Fidel Castro’s 49-year reign was characterized by a ruthless suppression of freedom of expression”. So Castro ultimately left a legacy of failure. Castro held his power not by popular demand but through brutal dictatorship. A dictatorship in which executed and imprisoned thousands of
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