Thomas Edison: One Of The Greatest Invention

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Thomas Edison was born on February 11, 1847 in Milan, Ohio. Thomas died of complication of diabetes on October 18, 1931 in his home, ¨Glenmont” in Llewellyn Park in West Orange, New Jersey. That Thomas had purchased as a wedding gift for his wife Mina also Thomas is buried behind his house. Thomas was eighty-four when he died. Mary Stilwell Edison, Thomas’s first wife, died on August 9, 1884 at the age of twenty-nine. Although many books say that Mary died of typhoid, her death certificate states that she died of congestion of the brain. Thomas’s second wife, Mina Miller, was born on July 6,1865 and she died on August 24,1947. Thomas had six children. Mary and Thomas Edison had three children in their 13 years of marriage. However, none of…show more content…
Over the decades following Davy’s creation that scientists such as Warren de la rue, Joseph Wilson swan, Henry woodward and Matthew Evans that had worked to perfect electric light bulbs or tubes using the vacuum but were unsuccessful in their attempts. Thomas edison legacy that edison career that was quintessential rags to the riches success of the story that made him the folk hero in American and that is a uninhibited egoist that could be a tyrant to employees and that the ruthless to the competitors. Even though he was a publicity seeker , but he didn’t socialize will even with his family. Also by the time he died he was one of the most well-known and also respected of all the Americans in the world. Also he had been at the forefront of the American’s first technological revolution and also set up the stage for the modern electric world.In 1871 edison married a 16 year old Mary stilwell that was a employee at one of his businesses.Also during their 13 year marriage they had three children MArion, Thomas, and William and that he also became a inventor. Also in 1884 Mary died at the age of 29 of a brain tumor. Also in 1886 Edison married Mina Miller and she is his junior.Alo during his life Edison did received 1,093 U.S patents an alo filed a additional 500 to 600 that was unsuccessful or that was abandoned. Also he executed his first patent for his electrographic vote-recorder on October 13,1865 at the age of 29.Also his last patent was for a apparatus for holding an object during the electroplating process.Also during the World War I the U.S government asked if Thomas edison to head to the NAval Consulting board which examined
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