A Short Speech: A Speech On Poverty

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Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. My name is Banoo and I am the representative of the world’s poverty organisation. I am very honoured to be with you today; on this special day I would like to say how all of us as a group can make an amendment in the world, in people’s life and put a great smile of happiness on their faces. I am also here to discuss the problems of poverty and what steps we as young adults for action can take to be the change that we wish to see in our world. According to the Oxford Advanced Learner’s dictionary, poverty is defined as the state of being extremely poor. Poverty contains more than the absence of income and productive assets to guarantee endurable livelihoods. Its appearances contain hunger and malnutrition, partial access to education and other basic services. The gap between the world 's rich and poor has never been more extensive. While affluent individuals savouring in a rich existence of extravagance, millions are being compelled to tolerate, an excruciating daily reality of poverty, conflict and lack of sustenance. For these innocent people, the hunger is unrelenting and the desperation is overwhelming. Now is the time for a radical change. It is our duty to make a variance before a huge extent of the world 's populace suffocate in a sea of poverty. We must save lives. Over 12 million of our brothers and sisters decease worldwide each year because of hunger and malnutrition. 5 million are children and outrageously, a child dies every
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