A Short Speech: Bangkok, A Cycling City?

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Bangkok, a cycling city?
People like to follow a craze, don’t they?
After the Bike for Mom event to celebrate Her Majesty the Queen’s birthday on the 16th of August, there has been a new obsession in Bangkok; a cycling city. Indeed, cycling is perfect for your body. It burns body fat, raises metabolic rate and reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Moreover, it conserves the environment as there’s no pollution produced when cycling. A large amount of money is also saved as bicycles do not need petrol to function. These facts seem to be very convincing, don’t they? But wait! Bangkok as a cycling city? Stop dreaming! There’s no problem with just riding for fun in Bangkok parks, but if you’re going to get serious and ride to work on the main roads every day, please reconsider.
The capital city of Thailand, Bangkok, is famous for religious temples, duty-free shopping, and also for road traffic, as it ranked 8th among the world’s top 10 cities, having the worst congestion. The rate in which a car moves on the “highways” in Bangkok is absurd. Believe it or not, I was once stuck on the highway for 3 hours, just to travel 15km from the central of Bangkok back home. Because of this, people have started to look for alternative ways of transport, one of them being cycling. The government has started to encourage people to cycle by building “bicycle lanes”, or in other words drawing a line and a symbol of a bicycle on the side of the roads. However, Bangkok roads were not

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