Our Voice: A Gift To The Human World

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Every voice is a gift to the human world, whether you use it to speak, sing or whisper. It can be used to inspire others, or to coax a person into submission. If used wisely, it soothes the deepest wound and yet it is the most powerful means to instill fear into human hearts. Our voice is our power.

So be it a radio jockey on your favourite radio station, or the voice that you turn to when you hit the road, there is a sense of elation that spangles your heart with joy. Have you ever listened closely to the voice, that deep baritone, the one that cautions us when we are on the metro? You certainly must have listened to the one that speaks to your heart while you brave the traffic on your way home after work? Or the prankster that never fails to jolt us into a fit of laughter when he speaks in a funny twang?

Shammy Narang was born in Delhi and was in the penultimate year of his engineering course when he chanced upon an opportunity thrown at him by an American sound engineer working with USIS. "It was just a matter of chance that I happened to audition for a Hindi broadcast for the Voice of America", he says. He credits the discovery of his voice
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Yo Yo Honey Singh. He is probably the one voice that Dilliwalas absolutely love! Although he was born in Punjab, Honey Singh completed his studies in music from Trinity School in the United Kingdom. It was only in 2006, that his music was notices when he directed the piece for Ashok Masti 's 'Kharke Glassi '. "I never realized that my first music video as a performer was with Yo Yo Honey Singh. I think he is dynamic and his music is out of the world", says Mizpah Waters who featured in the 2006 Punjabi hit. "I believe the people of Delhi love him and there is not five minutes without a radio station playing his song", she adds. "I think the Delhi party scene would be drab without him", says Opal enthusiastically while she turns up the volume to his latest
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