A Short Story: A Lantern In Her Hand

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“One time Grandma told me she was the very happiest when she was living over all her memories.” A Lantern in Her Hand is about the life of Abbie Deal as she moves with her husband Will, from Iowa to Nebraska for a new start. In the 1800s this was not easy but Abbie and Will accepted the challenge. Abbie is a dreamer and Will is quiet and rarely complains. Abbie has so many dreams that she knows she will not be able to live out but as her life goes on and she sees her children grow she realizes what her true dreams are. “”If I could just get down life as I have seen it,” she would think, “. . . and people as I have known them . . .”” At the beginning of this story Abbie Deal is Abbie Mackenzie at eight years old moving with her mother and five siblings from Chicago to Iowa. Abbie is very curious about her mother and father and where they met and how they came to be. Shortly after arriving in Iowa she meets Will Deal whom she would marry later in her life. After marrying Will she was with child shortly after. A little time after giving birth Will tells her the idea of moving west. She is surprised and shocked but Will is set on getting a life of his own where he doesn’t have to work or help his father. So they head west to Nebraska. On the way there they meet two other families of which are their neighbors and friends for years to come. Abbie and Will have many children in their life and the book shows the hardships they went through for their kids and the sacrifices they had

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