A Short Story: A Mother Of James Joyce

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I choose the story “A Mother” of James Joyce. Joyce writing is not simple and easy, a typical situation in the center of the story, and he describes mental situation of a character or characters involved in the situation. Mrs. Kearney is the main character of the story, she is educated in a high class convent and learn French and music. She is naturally pale and unbending manner. She is a mother of two daughters, the elder is Kathleen. Kathleen also goes convent and learn French and music. After Kathleen grownup “Soon the name of Miss Kathleen Kearney began to be heard often on people 's lips. People said that she was very clever at music and a very nice girl and, moreover, that she was a believer in the language movement. Mrs. Kearney was well content at this. Therefore she was not surprised when one day Mr. Holohan came to her and proposed that her daughter should be the accompanist at a series of four grand concerts which his Society was going to give in the Antient Concert Rooms”(Joyce, n.d.). Mr. Holohan assistant secretary of the Eire Abu Society. After discussing all the matter between Mrs. Kearney and Mr. Holohan “a contract was drawn up by which Kathleen was to receive eight guineas for her services as accompanist at the four grand concerts”(Joyce, n.d.). The concert was to be on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. On the first day of the concert, the committee was decided to down program from four days to three days and concert will not hold on

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