A Short Story: A Story Of A Story

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Every Saturday night I invite few of my friends to my house. We play PlayStation and order food. A little party, we call it. But last night, I didn’t invite anyone. In fact, I never wanted anyone near me. Except two. And those two, didn’t bother. I advised all my servants to make people go if they ask for me. ‘Make any excuse you want’ I said. Few friends came uninvited and left unattended. I wanted to sit alone in my room. And ponder over what I have done. I was sinful and being in quarantine was the punishment I decided for myself. It wasn’t a good day yesterday. A black cat crossed my way and I have seen such things in movies. A bad omen, it is. I had a row with Kamran. But that isn’t the mistake. Had I got some more time, I would have gouged his eyes out. Cut his tongue. I had been watching Maham in a different way. She was silent. The charm of her face was gone. Her eye sockets were darkened as she hadn’t slept since many nights. She would remain aloof and stare at blank walls. I wanted to know what made her pallid. And then, a little bird told me about what had happened to her. What Kamran did to her. At first, it sent a streak of happiness in my blood. I was excited to see them apart. Happy to know that Kamran had cheated her and now she was mine. I would go near her, share her grieves and make my way to her heart. Later I got to know that Kamran was slandering her. Saying sleazy things about her and that made her sick. People started to stare her in a different

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